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With October marking National Bullying Prevention Month, K12 is bringing awareness with its “K12 Simple Acts of Kindness” campaign.

For every day in October, K12 has created a calendar of kind acts. Parents and students are encouraged to help fight bullying with kindness by focusing on a simple act each day.

“We are intentional to focus on the growing problem of bullying every year, particularly for the month of October,” K12 content writer Letise Dennis said. “We decided this year that instead of simply addressing how bad the problem is, we wanted to provide intentional ways to combat bullying through simple acts of showing kindness.”

Because bullying can affect both children and adults, bringing awareness to this problem is a must. With this campaign, the month of October becomes a great opportunity for discussion and mindfulness on the issues of bullying.

“Bullying is an epidemic, impacting all ages and all backgrounds,” Letise said. “Adults and students alike are both vulnerable to bullying attacks. We must be intentional in our words and behaviors to ensure that we are not bullies ourselves, and we must also educate our communities as to how to rally around and support those who are victims of bullying behaviors.”

K12 is challenging families to print out the calendar and participate in the acts of intentional kindness listed for each day. By doing so, the campaign hopes to create long-term habits of kindness for children and their parents.

“Our hope is that as we are thoughtful and methodical in showing kindness to others, that it will become second nature to each of us,” Letise said. “For example, instead of hurrying to be first in line, our natural instinct will be to allow the person behind us to go ahead in front.”

Families are encouraged to post pictures of themselves performing kind acts using the hashtags #SimpleActsK12 and #SayNoToBullying. In using social media to showcase the kindness initiative, conversations about bullying and the importance of kindness can flourish, bringing about more awareness to these topics.

“By joining in on the larger conversation of bullying on social media platforms, hopefully this campaign will bring to light practical ways that people can make a big difference in someone’s day,” Letise said.

With the “K12 Simple Acts of Kindness” campaign, there are hopes that these acts of kindness will not only bring awareness to bullying this month, but also in the months to come. And by emphasizing and showcasing the importance of being kind, the campaign hopes to create a never-ending cycle of kindness that can overcome the issues of bullying.

“Kindness is contagious,” Letise said. “As we show kindness to others, that will spread as they in turn do the same for someone else. If we all start treating each other with kindness and respect, then maybe that light will brighten the darkness of bullying.”

To download the calendar, visit www.learningliftoff.com/simple-acts-of-kindness.

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