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Georgia Cyber Academy junior Allie Heard is a talented and aspiring musician. Aside from releasing several piano solo CDs, she was voted ‘Outstanding Student’ by the professors at Westminster Choir College Piano Camp and invited to continue studying under her professor at Belmont University after participating in the Belmont Piano Invitational.

According to Allie’s mother, “If Allie was in a brick and mortar school, I don’t know that she would have been able to accomplish as much as she has with her music.”

Balancing her music with her studies has required a lot of attention but her GCA teachers have supported Allie all the way.

“I have had several teachers that were interested in my music, but last year, Mrs. Smith, my Honors Literature teacher, was really super interested,” says Allie. “I was able to incorporate my music experiences into a lot of my English papers!”

Over her summer break, Allie recorded her fourth piano solo CD. To promote her new CD, Allie also performed at her first solo concert at her church on August 13th. “It was an amazing experience and I had a blast doing it. It was so fun getting to talk to people after the concert and I was amazed when people were asking for my autograph and selfies afterwards.”

While this new school year presents a challenge, Allie is well-prepared for what is to come.

“Online school has prepared me for independent work in college, so I am not overwhelmed so far with my three dual enrollment classes.”

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