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Grace Wolf is a sixth grader at Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) who has always enjoyed researching and exploring things in nature. Her curiosity gained her a spot in the Ohio state science fair this May.

Grace’s journey began when she presented at her local science fair and received superior rating. This moved onto the district science fair this month.

Her science project titled “What Affects Surface Wetting?” focuses on liquids’ interactions on solid surfaces.

“I first became interested when I saw a cool water droplet on a leaf at the Franklin Park Conservatory during Christmas,” Grace said. “I started researching the ‘lotus effect.’ In my project, I explored how I could achieve lotus-like behavior using different surfaces, surface treatments, and liquid additives.”

At the district level she received superior rating, second place in Material Science Award, and overall best in Sixth Grade Project Award.

“I was ecstatic and relieved,” Grace said. “I endured a very difficult 35 minutes of judging from the judges.”

Grace has now advanced to the state science fair in May. She is both nervous and excited to present again.  She presented at the state level last year, as well.

Grace explained that OHVA helped prepare her for science fairs because the online environment lets her work on her curriculum independently.

“Everyone should consider entering science fairs,” Grace said. “Not only is it an enjoyable experience, it also increases scientific knowledge, helps with speaking and presentation skills – and it’s a lot of fun!”

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