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North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) students Johanna Colon and Brenden Santos were enthusiastic participants yesterday in PublicSchoolOptions.org’s annual Capitol Day.

With over 100 parents and students participating this year, the event served as an important advocacy effort for NCVA.

“The day is extremely important because it gives students and parents the opportunity to have facetime and one-on-one contact with lawmakers and to tell their stories and personal experiences,” said Kensley Leonard, Field Coordinator for PublicSchoolOptions.org.


Both Johanna and Brenden had the incredible opportunity to personally speak with legislators and they say it was an experience they will never forget!

“She did a great job talking to the legislators,” Elissa Colon, Johanna’s mother said. “She went in and spoke to each of them, told her story, and answered their questions. She did it all on her own.”

Johanna made sure to use the opportunity to advocate for NCVA and school choice overall.

“One legislator asked why she didn’t trust him to decide where to go to school and why she trusted me and she answered ‘you don’t know me,’” Elissa said. “It was the most honest response that really drove home the point of what we were doing yesterday.”


Brenden appearance showcased his anti-bullying mission.

“We complied a booklet of several students’ stories in our PSO collateral material to leave behind and give to the legislators,” Kensley said. “We love Brenden’s story and his enthusiasm and willingness to stand up for bullying. NCVA has truly helped to play a part in his success and we think it is important to highlight this.”

Brenden was thrilled to be used as a shining example of the success that can come from online schooling.

Diana Santos, Brenden’s mother, said, “Brenden had a wonderful time thanks to PublicSchoolOptions.org and their invitation for us to come and appear at this amazing event meant the world to us!”

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