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Alicia Fingerle knew something was wrong when her son started to cry every morning before school. At age 8, Christopher was experiencing harsh bullying at his traditional brick-and-mortar school, which greatly impacted his interest in learning. 

“The school he was at just didn’t pay attention to him or the bullying,” she said. “It was overcrowded and under-staffed.” 

It took Christopher time to open up about what was happening, but once he shared with his dad the experiences he was having at school, Alicia knew it was time to take action.  

After meeting with Christopher’s teacher and the other student’s family, the conversation ended with no real results and the situation was chalked up to the typical “boys will be boys.” It was this experience that catapulted the family’s decision to enroll Christopher into North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) last fall. 

Today, Christopher is completely comfortable and able to learn to his fullest potential, thanks to NCVA. His family has seen a true change in his demeanor and attitude toward school, which his mom describes as night and day from what it once was.  

“Not only does he have friends and opportunities to socialize at NCVA, but the teachers and administrators are there to help with literally any problem,” Alicia said.  

Christopher’s favorite subjects are math and art. “I like using the Stride app on the computer because the math is fun and the games are a fun way to learn,” he said. 

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