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A traditional brick-and-mortar school is not for everybody, and it was definitely not the right fit for Autumn Price. The 9-year-old has a mild learning disability, which inhibits her ability to retain what she has learned. A student at North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA), Autumn also struggles with attention deficit disorder, making it hard for her to focus on one thing for a long duration.

“She may learn something and fall back, to where she may not know the material as she did,” said Autumn’s mom, Jennifer Owens.

Jennifer and her husband knew they didn’t want to send their kids to brick-and-mortar school because they didn’t want them to have to deal with the typical distractions of a traditional school setting.

“NCVA is a wonderful online learning school,” Jennifer stated. “My children are not faced with a lot of the struggles, such as bullying, that they would have encountered in a brick-and-mortar school.”

With online learning, Autumn has the ability to focus on school at her own pace. “She doesn’t have to feel like she is in a competition with other students,” Jennifer said.

Autumn gets assistance from her favorite teacher, Nancy Lindsay. Mrs. Lindsay helped Autumn get back to where she needed to be academically, providing her informational packets and games to help her learn.

“Mrs. Nancy Lindsay is just our shining star,” Jennifer said. “She is a wonderful teacher and provides the support we need, explaining everything, making sure everyone understands, and she gives individual support to Autumn,”

Jennifer says that NCVA has been the perfect fit for her children – Autumn’s sister, April, is also enrolled at NCVA.

“I am so glad NCVA was there to save us,” Jennifer said. “It gave us a different school option. Thank you NCVA!”

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