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A big night for Brenden Santos! On February 28th, the North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) sixth grader had the amazing opportunity to have dinner with Dan Forest, the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina.

Brenden was the only child personally invited to a dinner by Forest. He leveraged the opportunity to share his bullying awareness campaign, as well as his passion for school choice. His campaign consists of advocating for bullying awareness days and selling anti-bullying wristbands that say “Be my friend, not a Bully.” The Lt. Governor proudly donned a wristband!

“Brenden was introduced to a lot of very important political and judicial members at the dinner,” Diana Santos, Brenden’s mother said. “He was a hit at the dinner party and he was socializing with everyone. He shared that he thinks his campaign for bully awareness should be shared more broadly.”

Brenden also discussed how important NCVA is to him and his anti-bullying mission.

“Brenden acknowledged to everyone that he is a proud North Carolina Virtual Academy student,” Diana said. “He said if it were not for K12 then he never would have had the opportunities that have been presented to him, such as being able to lead his campaign and be a straight A honor roll student.”

“It was the most amazing experience of my life!” Brenden said. “I was so honored to get to meet the lieutenant governor one-on-one, talk to him about my great school, my opportunities, and how, because of NCVA, I have been transformed into an Against the Bullying advocate.”

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