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Baiden Powell just completed his first year at North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) with great success. After feeling that his brick-and-mortar school was providing a negative environment, Baiden’s mother Amy decided to enroll the second grader in NCVA.

“I enrolled him because I didn’t like the atmosphere he was experiencing at school,” Amy said. “Many of the kids were very disrespectful. They had very bad language and made the environment very uncomfortable for Baiden.”

Amy is pleased with her decision to make a change in Baiden’s education by choosing NCVA. Since enrolling, Baiden has done very well and is able to better focus on his school work.

“Baiden has been doing really well at school now,” Amy said. “He enjoys having the quiet and peace at home to concentrate on his work.”

Amy enjoys being able to control Baiden’s learning environment and be able to help him when needed.

“My favorite part about NCVA is that I don’t have to worry about the drama of other children or teachers,” Amy said. “I love that I can see what his day is like. I feel like I can spend more time with him.”

The overall ease and flexibility of NCVA is very beneficial to Baiden and his mother. In his brick-and-mortar school, the strict timing often left Baiden with little-to-no time for meals.

“I think Baiden really enjoys being able to choose his own hours,” Amy said. “He doesn’t have to stress about eating his breakfast super-fast. When he went to the other school he was often skipping breakfast and hardly eating lunch because he was afraid of being late.”

Amy has seen great improvement in Baiden since enrolling in NCVA and is very thankful for the support online schooling provides.

“His classes and teachers are really nice,” Amy said. “Online schooling has been working very well for us.”

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