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Sam Loveless is a soon-to-be 11th grader at Michigan Virtual Charter Academy (MVCA) who has a passion for writing – so much so that she started writing her first novel in the eighth grade!

Sam started MVCA in 2014 for her eighth grade year after being homeschooled her entire life. “My mom wanted to try something new, so she signed my sisters and me up for MVCA,” Sam said.

While she is very thankful for the teachers MVCA has provided for her, as they have been more than helpful and influential in her studies, Sam attributes her love of writing to one ninth grade English teacher, Mr. Scott Hoofman. “Ninth grade is when I really got into writing,” she said. “Mr. Hoofman helped me learn to love writing essays.”

In June, Sam attended a Summer Arts Camp program at the Interlochen Center for the Arts. The program, Novel Writing Institute, is a highly selective, week-long intensive program for young writers who have completed at least 50 pages of a novel manuscript.

Sam’s father is actually the one who came across Interlochen’s program and got her noticed. “My dad submitted one of my poems and they loved it,” she said.

The next step was applying for the summer camp program—a rather competitive and intimidating process.

“I had to send in a 50-page manuscript of my book, and the leader of the organization [for the creative writing course] reads all the manuscripts that many students send in and only picks a handful to attend the novel writing camp,” Sam said.

Students in the program are given the chance to work one-on-one with a published novelist who introduces the foundational skills and strategies unique to novel-writing. “I was able to write little dialogues, and I got to work with other future writers, as well as a professional writer; that was amazing,” Sam said.

This year’s program included published novelist Brittany Cavallaro, author of Girl-King (2011) and A Study in Charlotte (2016).

When Sam isn’t writing, she loves reading, photography, and playing music. She even goes to church and plays the electric bass for the praise band on Sundays. However, writing is her true passion.

Sam hopes to become a writer someday. “I am very creative with a big imagination, and writing my ideas down on paper makes it come alive,” she said. “It feels really good!”

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