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When 8-year-old viral dance sensation Johanna Colon isn’t busy making a name for herself on television and in social media, she dedicates time to advocating for one of her other passions- school choice!

This North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA) 3rd grader was first inspired to become an advocate in her American history class. Her mother, Elissa Colon, explained that Johanna has been engaged in “standing up for change” ever since!

“It’s a combination of what she is learning in class with lessons on Martin Luther King Jr. and Susan B Anthony, as well as learning about the Pilgrims coming to America and William Penn,” Elissa said. “Johanna was inspired and when the opportunity arose she wanted to make her voice heard. She loves NCVA and thinks more children should have the opportunity to attend if it works for them. She thinks people should have a choice.”

Johanna is thankful for NCVA because it lets her put school first, yet still fulfill dreams of being a performer.

The youngster gained fame on Youtube in June of 2015 when a video featuring Johanna channeling her “inner diva” in an end-of-the-year recital went viral. The video, entitled “Johanna channeling Aretha Franklin” garnered over 29 million views!

“I love the quality of education Johanna is receiving,” Elissa said. “She is challenged and engaged. I think the school is doing a great job balancing curriculum with the need to review and prepare for state-mandated tests. We just reregistered for next year!”

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