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Sometimes, traditional public school options just don’t work. This is why Mitchell and his older brother, Jason, chose to attend K-12 International Academy (iCademy). Both are recent graduates. One of Mitchell’s first interests after enrolling at iCademy was acting. Last year, Mitchell even landed a full-time position as a stand-in on the CMT Network’s “Million Dollar Quartet”. The flexible schedule and support he received from the school helped Mitchell through 14 hour days.

“Mitchell’s teachers were willing to work around his schedule. They would often tell him to Skype them around filming schedule for additional tutoring or help if he couldn’t make it to their office hours. They would work with him early in the mornings or late at night at times,” explained Mitchell’s mother, Jennifer. “The teachers were the best!”

Mitchell was so inspired by his experience at iCademy that he and his brother knew that they wanted to help other students.

Once filming for Million Dollar Quartet came to an end, Mitchell and Jason started a nonprofit called Powered by Education. The website provides information on alternative schooling options and advocates for school choice.

“We believe every option is not for every child, but every child should have every option,” said Jason.

Now juggling acting, his nonprofit, and mechanical engineering at the University of Memphis, Mitchell credits online school for his success.

According to Mitchell, “Online school taught me how to be self-disciplined and have strong time management skills so I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way in the future!”

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