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Stacey Lutes has already made a positive impact her first school year teaching for Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA).  If you ask one of her students, they may refer to her as the “Silly Scientist!” She is known for dressing up in fun costumes for her students to get them excited about learning.

A 25-year teaching veteran, she is already loving the online teaching environment in her second grade science and math classes at GCA and feels very fortunate for the people she has met so far.

“There are so many positives to teaching online,” Stacey said. “I think my favorite is being a part of the lives of these students and their learning coaches who really value their students’ education and have truly vested a lot into it themselves. I love being their support system.”

Stacey teaches her lessons by the motto, “If I’m not having fun, the kids aren’t having fun.”  She is very passionate about teaching and always finds any way to spread the love of learning for her students – so much so, that she dresses up as the “Silly Scientist” every Friday during class connect sessions.

“The dressing up part probably comes from all my years teaching kindergarten,” Stacey said. “We were always dressing up for something. I realized that I wanted to do something fun for the kids, especially since we were virtual. I thought it would be fun to create the ‘Silly Scientist.’ The kids and LC’s have really enjoyed the crazy antics of the Silly Scientist and look forward to science class every Friday. That’s what it is all about!”

Stacey has had so many positive responses. She explained that students can pick up on the classroom energy whether you are in a physical classroom or virtual a virtual setting, and her students love what she brings to the lessons.

“Teaching has to be a true passion,” Stacey said. “When you have a true passion for teaching, the kids pick up the passion for learning. I feel so fortunate to be at GCA. It is very different than brick-and-mortar and I have had to learn a lot of new technology, but I am getting there. I have super supportive teammates in second grade. I appreciate GCA giving me this opportunity. In fact, I tell everyone I can about it!”

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