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Online Student Lana Mavor is a nationally-ranked tennis player. This hardworking 16-year-old is currently ranked first in Maine, first in New England, and 32nd in the nation in her age category. Recently, Lana placed third at the Winter National Championship in Orlando, Florida – a major accomplishment for a New Englander due to the tough competition in the Sunshine State!

In addition to her success in Florida, Lana also won the recent Sectional Championship, a Level 3 tournament held at Yale University. This event is the highest sectional-level tournament. Lana took home the top title even though it was her first year playing in the 18’s!

“I actually don’t remember when I hit my first tennis ball,” says Lana. “But I have seen many videos from when I was about 5-years-old, running around the court with a racket hitting tennis balls with my grandfather!”

20171221_092657Lana manages an extremely demanding schedule of traveling frequently for competitions by attending Maine Virtual Academy (MEVA), an online, tuition-free public charter school authorized by the Maine Charter School Commission.

Thanks to the personalized learning model, Lana dedicates time to tennis during the day and works on her studies in the mornings and evenings.

“I love the flexibility that online school offers. I have an opportunity to travel to my tournaments and still be able to get my school work done!” Lana said.

Most importantly, Lana and her mother, Lesya, agree that MEVA’s teachers and staff enthusiastically support their busy lifestyle. Lesya explained, “MEVA teachers are supportive and helpful. They constantly arrange office hours and private sessions for help when needed, and respond promptly to issues if they arise.”

In preparation for graduation next year, Lana has already begun her college search. So far, Lana has been approached by several coaches for Division 1 schools, as well as Ivy Leagues institutions. Lana said, “I definitely want to go to college and also have an opportunity to play tennis competitively.” 20171226_1204110

Lana’s ultimate goal? To keep strengthening her skills for a future in the sport she loves. Lana explained, “I would like to keep on improving my skills and have an opportunity to participate in high-level tournaments. I would also love to be able to have a competitive experience in college.”

Despite all of her achievements in tennis, Lana’s mother still emphasizes that school takes priority over sport.

According to Lesya, “MEVA is essential for Lana to continue to compete while getting a great education.  I am a strong believer in quality education. It’s great that Lana is doing well with tennis. But education comes first!”

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