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Enthusiasm, passion and motivation are a few of the factors that formulate 13-year-old Robin Montgomery’s athletic and academic successes. When she isn’t competing against the best tennis players in the world in her age group or serving as a role model for aspiring athletes in her community, Robin is a high-achieving 8th grader at Friendship Public Charter School Online (FPCSO).

Robin enrolled in FPCSO in 6th grade when her travel demands began to increase. At the time, she was ranked the No. 2 tennis player in the 12-and-under age group. In the summer of 2017, Robin won her first national championship at the UTSA National Girls’ 14 Doubles Clay Court Champion.

Robin made her tennis debut at age 5, when her mother enrolled her in the Junior Tennis Champion Center (JTCC). Through JTCC, she received a scholarship to progress her training. Since then, Robin has exhibited extreme talent on and off the court. She has helped to set up a new community outreach site at Hope Community Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., and she received the 2017 FILA REACH (Realizing Extraordinary Accomplishments with Courage and Humility) Award. Robin even gave a speech about student-athletes last year at the US Open opening gala with Alec Baldwin!

Robin’s teachers at FPCSO have been extremely accommodating of her demanding travel schedule. “My teachers are very supportive, responsive and understanding of the demands of my travel schedule,” Robin said.

When she isn’t competing at tournaments, Robin trains for four hours a day, but she makes sure to prioritize her school work. “We try to match my training schedule to the Class Connects or to face-to-face sessions to ensure that I am on track and to get any questions answered,” she said.

She has also learned how to best balance her travelling with her rigorous academic courses at FPCSO. “As my travel schedule increased, I quickly figured out that I would have to do a lot of school work when I am at home to ensure that I don’t get behind,” she explained. “I also complete school work on either Saturday or Sunday when I am home. The weekend time helps because it is uninterrupted and I get a lot of work done.”

FPCSO has given Robin – now ranked as the No. 8 tennis player in the 14-and-under age group – the ability to participate in Team USA events and tournaments throughout the school year. She has travelled to five countries to play tennis and trained at the National U.S. Tennis Association Campus in Orlando, Florida.

Now that Robin is about to graduate middle school, she has ambitious dreams for her future. “I would love to continue with an online program to ensure that I can travel and continue to work towards my goal of becoming a professional tennis player,” she says.

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