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The home of TOPS parent Tammie Newman, of Spring, Texas, was spared the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. Still, she and her family worked tirelessly helping neighbors and extended family to evacuate their flooded homes.

Yet, when it comes to the education of her four children Dara, Kaven, Cyrus, and Fenix Alsup, unlike her neighbors, this family was able to maintain a remarkable sense of normalcy during the natural disaster.

As Newman puts it, “Very little disrupts online school. The kids have spent days cleaning out flooded homes and have come home tired. But before they went to sleep, they logged on and got their lessons done. The TOPS program is extremely reliable and communication with the school has been fantastic.”

TOPS took extra steps to make sure academic materials were delivered weeks ahead of time and that materials were made available to students, preparing them for lessons in case internet connection was lost.

“Staff stepped up and helped out with classes for teachers affected by the storm. Due to the truly well-developed curriculum, staff could temporarily assume those responsibilities with skill and with little disruption to the students. Overall, TOPS has handled the storm with great empathy and understanding and not missed a beat in the rhythm of education.”

Newman adds, “My kids have attended some of the top brick and mortar public schools in Texas. The TOPS curriculum is more academically challenging. My kids understand that that learning is hard work. They take action rather than waiting for direction. I am grateful for the gift of online learning with K12.”

View the latest photos from the Newman family below.

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