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In January,  two Idaho Technical Career Academy (ITCA) Business students competed at the Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Leadership Conference finished in the top five.

Participants at the event competed in two competitions, Fundamentals of Web Design, which has students create a basic website using html coding, and Fundamental Desktop Publishing, which has students use desktop publishing software such as Word to create business projects like memos, agendas, and postcards.

Kathryn Falk (11th grade) received 3rd place in the Fundamentals of Web Design competition and Cody Huntington (10th grade) earned 3rd place in the Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing competition.

These high standings placed them high enough to advance to the BPA State Leadership Conference this past weekend.

At States, Kathryn took 5th place for the Fundamentals of Web Design event!  Cody placed in 26th out of several hundred others in the Desktop Publishing event.

“Kathryn was so excited that she was about to vibrate out of her skin!” said Monti Pittman, head of school at ITCA.

The top three finalists were invited to the National BPA conference in Orlando to represent Idaho in this event with the 4th and 5th place students acting as alternates.  If two students above Kathryn choose not to attend the national BPA conference in Orlando, Florida, May 10th – 14th, she will be invited.

“TCA is very proud of their efforts,” Cody and Kathryn’s ITCA Business Education teacher, Natalie VanLeuven said. “This marked the first year of our school’s involvement in BPA and Cody and Kathryn paved the way for future successes. We look forward to seeing what they accomplish next year!”

Congratulations to these ITCA state qualifiers and their accomplishments!


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