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Insight Academy of Arizona (ISAZ) alumnus Aden Polydoros, a junior at Northern Arizona University, is poised to release his second novel, Project Prometheus, this summer!

Project Prometheus is a mystery and thriller, full of suspense and cliff hangers. It is the sequel to Aden’s first novel, Project Pandora, and continues the journey of three ex-assassins seeking answers, justice and revenge.

Writing began as an outlet for Aden, as he struggled with depression and anxiety. In honing his craft, Aden had the support of ISAZ English teacher, Jacob Blair. “Mr. Blair encouraged me to send my novel out to publishers,” says Aden. “Knowing that someone believed in my writing helped me feel more confident about the process.”

Writing the books has been a way for Aden to slow down and focus. “The characters in Project Pandora aren’t in control of their own lives; they are lost in someone else’s plan,” Aden told Hypable.com in an August 2017 interview. “Similarly, while working on the novel, I felt like I didn’t have much control over my life. I was struggling with depression and anxiety, and although I knew I would go to college in the fall, I couldn’t decide on a major.”

Aden overcame these challenges and is now majoring in English. Thanks to his online learning experience at ISAZ, he was well prepared for college life and a writing career. “ISAZ taught me to work at my own pace,” stated Aden. “I learned how to work independently, and complete assignments by specific dates, which later prepared me to complete deadlines that my publisher set.”

ISAZ’s flexible model also benefitted Aden, as he set a goal to write one thousand words a day. He graduated in 2015; by 2017 the hard work paid off. Project Pandora was met with rave reviews.

Project Prometheus is set for release in August 2018.

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