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With her May 2018 high school commencement ceremony behind her, Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA) graduate Kayetlin Alexander reflects with fondness on online learning, and the time she has been able to give to help those in need.

“I have a passion for children, and I want to contribute what I can.”  Kayetlin said. “Through different projects I’m involved in, I have grown a love of being able to offer my help to people in my community.”

Kayetlin volunteers with and raises hundreds of dollars for a variety of charities, including World Vision and a local sports camp. For the past six years, Kayetlin has helped organize Feed the Need events, preparing care packages and lunches for those in need of food and nonperishable items.

Kayetlin’s mother, Debra, enrolled her youngest daughter in IDVA beginning in seventh grade, when Debra wanted to stay closely involved in her daughter’s education and ensure she would graduate from an accredited public school program. As Kayetlin’s passion for helping others grew, online learning became an important tool, opening up opportunities to volunteer as much as possible in her free time while continuing to focus on her education.

“I am passionate that my children are not held back in any way,” said Debra. “IDVA has been a great fit, and the online school has prepared her for college.”

Thanks to IDVA, Kayetlin had the chance to create a solid foundation for her future, and impact the lives of many others. Kayetlin plans to attend the University of Montana, studying English and creative writing. It’s also safe to assume that she’ll continue to find new ways to help make a difference in her new home in Missoula.

“To be able to personally see the impact we are able to make on others’ lives is inspiring,” Kayetlin said.

Congratulations Kayetlin and the rest of the IDVA Class of 2018!

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