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Eleventh grade singer/songwriter Michelle Bergh has the opportunity to take her talents to the graduation stage to sing the National Anthem at K12 International Academy‘s 2017 graduation ceremony.

“I sent in a clip for the school’s talent show and the school representatives contacted me to ask if I’d like to sing at graduation,” Michelle said. “I’m really excited and honored to be selected!”

Michelle has sung the National Anthem twice previously, both times at the Minnesota Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Walk in front of 30,000 people. She called it “one of the most exhilarating experiences” of her life.

Michelle started singing when she was five years old and enrolled at iCademy in her junior year.

She chose iCademy because it seemed like it was the most flexible curriculum. She appreciates not having to log in at specific times, as she is currently on a schedule of 20 hours a week of “intensive” for singing, which means she is doing three months of intense singing, working out, dancing, and acting.

“I love iCademy – it’s very easy to manage grades and get things turned in,” Michelle said. “I choose classes that fit my interests; right now I am taking a marketing class about music, sports, and entertainment. I feel like the teachers have been very supportive of my schedule and very understanding. Some schooldays I’m traveling, so I can do my school at night and on weekends; even during spring break, I’ll be working on school. I have learned to manage my time.”

Michelle’s performance roots started 13 years ago when she fell in love with singing for pageant show audience members during the talent portions. She has been trained in classical and opera-styled voice lessons.

“I didn’t make the switch to a more contemporary sound until September,” Michelle said. “I love singing pop and R&B because that’s what I listen to all the time. I’ve recorded 15 songs and I have filmed three music videos. I also placed first runner-up nationally at National American Miss (NAM) for talent, and I made top-five at International Junior Miss (IJM) for talent. I won twice at the state level for NAM.”

Michelle has been competing in pageants for 13 years.  Her biggest achievements so far include America’s National Teenager Scholarship Organization’s 2012 National Sweetheart Pre-Teen, International Junior Miss 2016 Miss Midwest Teen, National American Miss 2012 Miss Minnesota Pre-Teen and 2015 Miss Minnesota Jr. Teen. She also placed in the top five at NAM’s national competition. In addition, she won the National Golden Achievement Award in Volunteer Service and continues to place in the top five for international, national or state-level competitions for modeling, speaking, talent, and acting.

“I’m a very competitive person and I feel pageants give me more confidence and help me polish my skills as a singer, actor, public speaker and model,” Michelle said. “Pageants help me to become the woman I want to be. They push me to constantly improve myself in every way.”

Michelle’s career goal is to be a music producer and to be successful in singing. She wants to be the “complete musician,” being able to understand music theory, write music, play instruments, and sing. She is on the right track, as she currently plays the piano, viola, and flute.  She hopes to learn guitar, as well.

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