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Nathan Burrington attends Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin (DCAWI) in the Business Administration Field of Study. Following college, he hopes to apply to positions as a bio-mechanical engineer. Eventually he hopes to run a company that creates and sells supplies that help the disabled. DCAWI is a school where Nathan can gain career-specific skills is ideal for this motivated 9th grader!

“I’ve always wanted to help people that lost limbs and make comfortable, strong, lightweight, and affordable prosthetics with 3D printers,” Nathan said.

Nathan first learned about DCAWI through a couple of friends that attended WIVA who were enjoying the online environment. Nathan appreciates how online school does not have the distractions of social dynamics and bullying.

“When I went to public school I would get distracted by my friends,” Nathan said. “If I had a question teachers would be busy helping another students and I would be waiting to have questions answered.  I wanted to try different career pathways and really just focus on my education without distractions and bullies.”

Curiously, Nathan has found his history, math, and science classes at DCAWI to be most beneficial to his career aspirations.

“These courses contribute to my understanding of business,” Nathan said. “Strong language skills are essential to succeed in business, as you need to communicate effectively with others.”

Nathan’s time management skills have also improved as a result of attending DCAWI.

“DCAWI has helped me learn at my own pace,” Nathan said. “I like how you can ask teacher’s questions and receive prompt responses. Thanks to the smaller classrooms, I get the help I need to succeed in both school and life!”

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