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The Cole family is all about girl power! Last month Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan (HVAM) 6th grader Christine and 5th grader Alyson Cole’s Christian Homeschoolers of Northern Michigan Archery Team placed third in Michigan’s National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) state tournament.

The archery team is offered for local children in Michigan that are either online or homeschooled, as a way for them to socialize and be active.

Christine and Alyson wouldn’t have gotten the chance to participate in this exciting state competition if it wasn’t for enrolling to HVAM, following some difficulties in brick and mortar school.

“They wanted to shut Christine away into a multi-aged, cognitively impaired classroom,” their mother, Cyndie Cole said. “I wouldn’t hear of that. They also were not servicing Alyson’s needs. When I saw that Highpoint was opening and it was close to us, we went to the grand opening and met and talked to Mrs. Moorman and Mrs. Tuckey, and found that this was going to be a perfect fit.”

Cyndie has found that the online environment lets her daughters’ learn more comfortably and works better for their learning style.

“HVAM allows them to succeed at their level without feeling embarrassed because they are at a lower grade level in certain subjects,” Cyndie said.

A big misconception about online students is that they do not interact as much as brick and mortar students. The Cole family is a perfect example as to why this stereotype is incorrect.

“I think whether the student is schooling from home or not, they can be as sheltered or community- oriented as the parent allows,” Cyndie said.

Christina and Alyson’s interest in archery stems from many summers at camp where they were first introduced to the recreational activity.

“Christine has had Epilepsy and since she was eight has gone to a special camp for Epileptics where she first learned to shoot,” Cyndie said. “She loved it and begged me to get her a bow and arrows.”

Last spring while at church, Cyndie talked to a family who was homeschooling their children and their father happened to be the coach of the Christian Homeschoolers of Northern Michigan Archery Team. After hearing about Cyndie’s  daughters’ experience in the sport, he invited Christina and Alyson to come out and shoot.

Since then, Christina and Alyson have become regulars!


Christian Homeschoolers of Northern Michigan Archery Team at the Michigan NASP state tournament.

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