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When Navya Dhamija’s family left East Brunswick, New Jersey to move to India in 2013, she feared being separated from her friends and the community she felt connected to in the United States.

However, thanks to her enrollment in The Keystone School, an international online school powered by K12, 14-year-old Navya is able to maintain her friendships in America and make new friends in India and all over the world while succeeding academically.

Enrolling in Keystone allowed for Navya to transition smoothly during her move to India and keep ties with her community in the U.S. Many of her American friends were also enrolled in Keystone, making it easy for Navya to maintain her friendships.

“A few friends that I have from Keystone actually moved abroad just like I have so they are able to relate,” Navya said. “Some students happen to be from New Jersey themselves so it’s nice talking to people who are from your state.”

Along with the opportunity to connect with old friends, as well as make new ones, Navya sees many other benefits to her online schooling, including the flexibility and convenience of the program.

“I think online school is easier for me because I’m able to do work in the evening or on the weekend if something comes up like an Indian holiday or if I have to go somewhere,” Navya said. “I can just start my assignment now and finish it later.”

Navya encourages families to enroll their children in online school and touts the benefits of personalized learning.

“I want families and students to know that Keystone is an amazing online school,” Navya said. “You’re able to work around your own things, and knowing that it’s a year-long course makes it easier to take a bit of time to do well in the course.”

Navya, who has attended Keystone for three years, is in 9th grade but already looking towards a travel-filled future.

“At 16 I plan to move back to America,” Navya said. “My plan for after graduation is to take a one-year break and travel the world to see new places and countries that I have never seen.”

After her traveling adventures, Navya hopes to attend college to pursue a career in a film.

“Since I was a young kid I always had an interest with being on screen and acting,” she said. “I’ve been teaching myself how to edit videos and pictures so I wouldn’t mind being on screen or behind it.”

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