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Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) second grader Raymond Van Dyke isn’t letting his disorders stop him from receiving a quality education.

Raymond has autism spectrum disorder, severe anxiety disorder, and severe attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. These disorders affect Raymond’s behavior and his way of learning.

“He is on medication to help with the struggle to focus because of the ADHD,” said Jesy Plats, Raymond’s mother. “Even then, like any of us, he has his good days and his bad days.”

While Raymond always liked learning, the treatment he received in his brick-and-mortar school gave him a negative association with school. When his school would not adhere to his need for one-on-one care, Raymond’s education and health suffered.

“Raymond went from being excited about school to having anxiety attacks whenever anyone even said the word ‘school’ around him,” Jesy said.

After pleas to Raymond’s brick-and-mortar school ended in no results, Jesy looked for a new outlet that would help Raymond receive a quality education that was tailored towards his individual needs.

“My son has disabilities, yes, but he absolutely has the right to a have a quality education,” Jesy said. “I started looking at the various online school options, and right away K12 stood out as being a much better fit for him. It was one of the best things I’ve done for him!”

The flexibility of OHVA is extremely beneficial to Raymond and his need for personalized learning.

“It really has been a blessing,” Jesy said. “I can adjust his days as needed. Being able to work around appointments and high anxiety days has made a huge difference for us.”

Jesy is thankful that OHVA was able to reignite Raymond’s love for learning while providing him with a quality education.

“I love that it allows him to get back to the joys of learning and gives him a good education,” Jesy said. “It has been wonderful to be able to work with him myself and know that his needs are being met and he is truly being heard and treated like he matters!”

One of Jesy’s favorite aspects about Raymond’s education is their ability to tailor the lessons around what Raymond needs that day.

“I like that we can adjust even how we do the assignments in order to meet his needs,” Jesy said. “We have done everything from Lego math to using hand puppets to communicate the lessons – whatever works for the type of day he is having.”

The immense amount of support Raymond and his mother receive from OHVA is something Jesy is in awe of and grateful for.

“His teachers have been amazingly patient with him, even on bad days,” Jesy said. “I have truly felt from day one that I was not going through this alone. I cannot stress enough just how much I have appreciated everything they have done for us!”

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  1. Penny Frese

    What a lucky little boy! What a good mother to search for options! this clearly demonstrates that a one-size-fits-all approach to education can do more harm than good. Thank heaven for the wisdom of K-12 online education.


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