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When Jaden Buenviaje attended brick-and-mortar school, she was a standout student. She excelled at her assignments, helped her teachers, and she would even teach other students the material when she finished her assignments early. But while Jaden was succeeding in her classes, she was not being challenged.

You see, Jaden is a gifted student, but her brick-and-mortar school was not equipped to attend to her needs. So her mother decided to enroll Jaden at North Carolina Virtual Academy (NCVA).

“I enrolled Jaden in NCVA in the Fall 2015 school year,” said Jaden’s mother, Bekki Buenviaje. “At that time, the public schools had cut funding for gifted education and teachers. She was not receiving any services and there was no concern as far as challenging her in her school work.”

Now that Jaden attends NCVA, she is receiving the type of education that is beneficial to her specifically.

“Her curriculum is far more challenging and tailored to her needs,” Bekki said. “We were able to see almost immediately where her deficits were as well as hone in on working with her on where she needed some extra help. She has blossomed academically and personally. She used to hate writing and now she wants to be a writer when she grows up.”

Jaden’s learning environment and curriculum allow her to thrive and focus on her personal educational needs.

“[The curriculum] aligns perfectly,” Bekki said. “Just this year, as a 4th grader, she read The Hobbit for a novel study. She attends an online reading enrichment group if she wants to, as well. She does not have to sit through lessons on things she already knows or understands. She can skip over lessons by testing out of them if she already understands them.”

Jaden’s mother is extremely impressed with the curriculum and how much Jaden is learning.

“NCVA gives Jaden a pretty heavy load of classes and the material is more rigorous than what I have seen in the public schools,” Bekki said. “There is no time wasted waiting around for classmates to be quiet or snow days or walking in the hallway or interruptions with random announcements over the intercom. She gets down to work and all of her time is truly instructional. She is learning so much more.”

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