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Heather Anderson had almost given up all hope when it came to her son’s education.

Heather’s son Aaron started out at a private Catholic school where he often struggled academically. Aaron also became the target of constant bullying at his school, which was the final straw for Heather.

She began looking into homeschooling as an alternative to his private school. Though Heather had been an educator before, the concept of teaching her own child was hard to grasp. When she found K12, she researched it as much as she could and contacted us for more answers. With the help of Amanda Beale, K12 personal admissions liaison, Heather found that she wouldn’t have to be her son’s teacher – he would have his own certified teachers through the virtual program. She was also informed that she could still be involved in her son’s education by being his learning coach. She was incredibly happy with the help she received, but the idea of virtual school was so new to her that she was still on the fence.

“It was not an easy decision for me to make,” said Heather.

Amanda suggested that Aaron should take K12’s placement test to at least help the family gauge how Aaron scored in all of the subjects. The day after took the test, his test scores were ready. He got an average score in math, but his language arts score was far beyond his grade level. Heather was puzzled as to why he was not doing so well at his private school if he had these scores and kept it in mind when looking at other potential schools.

The Anderson family went on more tours of other Catholic schools they applied to. One of them had called back after Aaron’s testing and wanted him to repeat the third grade, even though he had already passed it the year before with A’s and B’s. After Heather told them about the K12 placement test he took, the school said they would put him in the fourth grade only if she came to the school for weekly progress reports with his teacher. This is when she realized that K12 provided the only lesson plans and comfort that would help Aaron reached his full potential.

With K12 lessons, Aaron is now even enjoying the subjects in school that he previously hated. He likes the math program because it is so interactive and truly helps him master the material, he is happy to apply critical thinking skills in Spanish, and most of all he loves his art class. Aaron didn’t realize that he liked art in his previous school, but dove head-first into the art program.

“Now, he begs me to go to art museums so he can put all of his art history knowledge to good use,” said Heather.

Since Aaron now has more free time, he has started to take yoga as well as art classes every week. These started as a stress reliever that helped him cope with his experiences at his previous school. With his confidence restored, he began to make friends easily during these extracurricular activities.

Heather says she watched the light come back into her son’s eyes.

“I am a former educator and truly believed in the system that was already in place for Aaron, but after seeing your program, I was totally transformed,” said Heather. “I couldn’t believe that I had bought into a system of education that was so dull and out of date.”

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