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Fifth grader Heather Hopkins is a thriving student at Virginia Virtual Academy (VAVA). Heather enrolled in VAVA when her local brick and mortar school could not offer the education her mother, Kimberly Hopkins, believed she deserved.

“Unfortunately like so many other small communities, our local school system does not have the budget to offer accelerated learning classes at the elementary level,” Kimberly said.

Wanting Heather to have better access to education, Kimberly looked to VAVA. Since becoming a VAVA student, Heather has been able to experience the advantages of online schooling.

“VAVA offered us a chance to learn at our own pace and explore other subjects that interest Heather,” Kimberly said. “We had a wonderful year traveling to historical sites and participating in programs like local archeological digs. Heather is also studying piano. Setting her own schedule allows her to have more practice time.”

Heather and her mother also appreciate VAVA’s supportive educators.

“The teachers are super nice,” Heather said. “The lessons are challenging yet easy to follow.”

VAVA has allowed Heather to feel more confident in her learning.

“Heather has always been a good student but somewhere along the way she decided math was not her subject,” Kimberly said. “She loves the way K12 teaches math. A lot of the time the lessons offer several different approaches to understanding a concept. The VAVA teachers are great at explaining problem solving during classes. She now looks forward to math lessons!”

Kimberly is also thankful to VAVA for helping Heather personally.

“I believe the K12 approach has given us an opportunity as a family to grow closer and to help Heather become a very well-rounded individual,” Kimberly said.

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