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Hudson Ortize is in his sixth year at Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA). The 11th grader recently returned from his third trip to Israel with his father’s church tour. He checks in to talk about his travels and how online schooling has given him the ability to travel the world without falling behind in his classes. 


Over the last six years, I have traveled to London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Kenya and IsraelI have had the ability to take all of these trips during the school year thanks to the schedule flexibility provided by IDVA. I enjoy the fact that I can work ahead in my classes so I can travel, having already completed my schoolwork. I have also learned to take responsibility for my own work to stay on track. 


I have learned so many things on these trips, from ancient history to experiencing other cultures. It has been interesting to see how people live across the world. My time in Africa was especially moving, and it helped me to be more appreciative of the things I have. We were “culture-shocked” when we saw the limited amount of housing, food and basic necessities within the country. I had to get used to boiling all drinking water and to “utilize” a hole in the ground for lavatory purposes. 

While on my most recent trip to Israel, I was able to stay in a Christ Church guest house within the ancient wall of the Old City, Jerusalem. This was a great experience because the guest house was across the street from the Tower of David museum, where we spent a long time exploring the history of Jerusalem. I especially enjoyed exploring the ruins from the destruction of Masada by the Romans and the history of Jerusalem under foreign rule. 


On this Thanksgiving week, I am truly thankful for the opportunity I have with IDVA to work ahead ensuring time for my unforgettable and life-altering excursions around the globe.

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