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Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) senior Jasmin Johnson accomplished a great feat by earning the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest achievement within the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Only 5.4% of eligible Girl Scouts receive this recognition, which can only be earned by Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts. Jasmin had to go through a long and challenging process to earn the award.

To earn the Gold Award, a Girl Scout must conduct a community service project for a minimum of 80 hours that must be self-sustaining without her involvement. Jasmin created Happy Hearts, Healthy Meals, a project focusing on educating elementary school students about healthy eating.

Jasmin working in the Happy Hearts, Healthy Meals garden

Jasmin working in the Happy Hearts, Healthy Meals garden

“The project addressed obesity and nutritional needs by gearing children of low-income to grow healthy alternatives in their own backyards or small spaces,” Jasmin said. “Numerous workshops were held at East Side Elementary School teaching the children how to vertical garden, how to paint recyclable containers, the benefits of eating locally grown foods, and how to care for a garden.”

Happy Hearts, Healthy Meals impacted over 600 students, their parents, and teachers. The elementary school will even continue to use Jasmin’s garden in their STEM program. Jasmin’s project has and will continue to make an amazing impact on children and their knowledge of healthy options, which was Jasmin’s original goal.

“I wanted to educate kids on how to make healthy food choices in their everyday lives so that they may live long and healthy lives,” Jasmin said. “I knew that if I could at least educate the students on how to eat right then I could help the children be healthier.”

Jasmin’s community service project took a lot of hard work, dedication, and accountability. Thanks to GCA, Jasmin already had these skills mastered.

“GCA taught me to have self-accountability when it comes to school deadlines and planning my schedule to meet those deadlines,” Jasmin said. “I honestly do feel GCA prepared me for post-secondary schooling. GCA has given me independence to proficiently emerge as a 21st century leader.”

Receiving the Girl Scout Gold Award was an incredible achievement for Jasmin. Being able to not only earn a coveted award but also give back to her community was a truly rewarding experience.

“I think the Gold Award is important because it shows that a Girl Scout took the initiative and leadership to start a project that was sustainable in her community that not only benefited her local community but also the global community,” Jasmin said. “It felt rewarding to have earned the highest award in Girl Scouts. It felt even more rewarding to know that I made a difference in my community.”

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