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There is never a dull moment for 14-year-old KJay Saifullah. The Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) student balances attending school with a rising acting and singing career. Despite his busy schedule, he works to find time to support causes that are close to his heart, like the Georgia Anti-Bullying Campaign.

KJay’s involvement with anti-bullying work has a personal connection: “I was bullied many years ago and it was a horrible feeling,” he said. Knowing what it’s like to be bullied, KJay felt compelled to give back to a cause that aims to stop bullying, and he believes that if his work with the campaign helped someone else avoid what he felt, then his involvement was well worth it.

KJay’s carefully maintained schedule is managed by his parents and his management company, Block Entertainment. He also credits GCA for providing him the opportunity to be heavily involved outside of the classroom while still excelling in his studies.

KJay’s mother Teletra is proud of the work that her son has accomplished at such a young age. She hopes that his work with the Georgia Anti-Bullying Campaign not only had a positive impact on event attendees but on KJay as well.

“I would hope that KJay and those he meets gain a sense of responsibility through the campaign,” she said. Teletra believes that KJay’s work empowers other students and reminds them that they don’t have to be an adult to work to stop bullying.

KJay advises those being bullied to try and ignore the bullies, as he believes that they feed off attention. If that doesn’t make it stop, he suggests seeking help from an adult, like a teacher or principal, who can bring an end to the bullying.

KJay released his first album, “Got It,” in 2017 and plans to release his second before the end of the year. He is also currently working on two films. Despite his busy schedule, he hopes to continue anti-bullying work and is determined to one day host a concert for the cause.

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