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Carter Birchwell, a 7-year-old Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) student, is able to pursue his budding acting career with the flexibility online schooling provides.

After he had to miss parts of school due to his acting, Carter’s mother decided that a different and more flexible option was needed.

“We’d often have to pull him out of school early or he’d be absent for his acting and other activities,” said Sherri Birchwell, Carter’s mother. “We had been running into this problem all through kindergarten and first grade, so we enrolled him in GCA in January to make things easier.”

Carter’s first acting gig came about after his mother sent in his information on a whim. Her act of spontaneity paid off, landing Carter a role in American Made, an upcoming film starring Tom Cruise.

“I knew Tom Cruise was filming in Ball Ground and Atlanta,” Sherri said. “They were looking for a 5-year-old boy, so I sent in the information they requested and a couple of pictures from my phone of Carter. I just figured why not, we have nothing to lose! When they called and asked for Carter to come in, we were shocked!”

Landing the role sparked Carter’s love of acting and the start of his flourishing career. 


“This was his first experience with acting and he loved it right away!” Sherri said. “Then he got an agent and since has landed a recurring role as Tucker Westmore on Devious Maids.”

This has all happened for Carter just in the past year and a half. He has also been featured in various commercials and has a role in an upcoming episode of the Netflix series Ozark. Carter loves being an actor and the amazing experiences he has gained from it.

“He loves the actual job of acting, meeting new people, and always experiencing something different and new,” Sherri said. “He, of course, loves the trailers and the endless food!”

Sherri is thankful to GCA for allowing Carter to have these life-changing experiences while still succeeding in his education.

“I enjoy being able to spend more time with Carter and watch him learn,” Sherri said. “There’s so much he knows about that I had no idea. GCA works perfectly for our often hectic, many times changing last-minute schedule. We are able to still get the work done either ahead of time or while on the road. Acting doesn’t always give you much advance notice, so the flexibility GCA offers works perfectly!”

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