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Madison Camp was born with Phenylketonuria (PKU), a disorder that doesn’t allow her to digest Phenylalanine, an important amino acid. Madison had to adopt an incredibly strict diet that was too hard to monitor in brick and mortar schools. After looking into alternative options, Madison chose to go to Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), where she has thrived.

Though Madison, now 17, was always aware of her disorder, she became ashamed of it after she began to get bullied at her traditional school. Part of her treatment involves drinking a medicated formula every day, which led to teasing by her classmates. It was then Madison realized she needed a school where she would feel more comfortable managing her diet.

GCA is still a relatively new option for Georgians, so Madison tried a few other options before it opened. She began homeschooling, but eventually joined a private school in her community. In both situations, she felt that the education was lacking. When GCA became an option, she quickly enrolled. Madison immediately noticed the difference between GCA and her other schools and realized that she could finally take control of her education.

“Being with GCA has been a wonderful experience,” she said. “Students are able to move at their own pace but are also given structure and deadlines, which is perfect for someone like myself who prefers structure and organization. It is also challenging for those who need it, which is one of the many reasons why I came here.”

Not only did she benefit from the academics, she found an environment where the students and staff made her feel completely at home.

“Everyone is so kind and respectful,” Madison said. “The teachers and administrators are easy to talk to, and the students are equally as focused on their education as I am. I have made quite a few friends in GCA, some of which I feel will be life-long friends!”

With all of this newfound comfort came newfound confidence. Madison found the courage to join numerous clubs and organizations, such as the school newspaper, Beta Club, National Honor Society, Student Advisory Council, and the American Red Cross Club.

When Madison reflected on her experience, she was positive that she made the right choice when she enrolled at GCA.

“All in all, I could not ask for a better education experience,” she said. “I love my school, my teachers, and really any staff member or administrator I meet, and I love the friends I have made. Everyone has truly made this an unforgettable experience. I only wish I had joined GCA sooner!”

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  1. Colleen Surette

    I’m so glad you found a place where you can be you! We’re glad you’re here, Madison!


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