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After spending 8 years with an online curriculum, Michaela credits Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) with preparing her for college.

She said, “Georgia Cyber Academy taught me how to create and maintain an effective schedule – this has aided me immensely in college!”

Currently, this college freshman takes part in several extracurricular activities at Princeton, including the Model UN team. This top ranked team travels for competitions and is ranked 11th in the United States.

Michaela is also taking great interest in her academic studies at Princeton. This semester she is enrolled in an urban education and inequality course, which features a close look at charter schools. Michaela especially looks forward to the final assignment of the class, an independent research project that she plans to focus on the emergence of online charter schools.

When reflecting on her experiences with GCA, Michaela mentioned that her favorite part about having an online education was the open schedule. “I loved the flexibility that it afforded me. I was able to juggle being a pre-professional student at the Georgia Ballet and an intensive course load.” Michaela also balanced volunteering with the local food pantry, KIDDS Dance Project, and the Center for Puppetry Arts where she earned recognition as the Rookie Volunteer of the Year.

The GCA curriculum certainly challenged Michaela. In fact, Michaela believes her most difficult courses, AP Statistics and AP Language and Composition, established an essential foundation that she utilizes every day in college. Additionally, the Blackboard sessions with GCA taught her how to actively participate in thought-provoking discussions with her peers.

While managing collage applications and a fulltime course load during senior year was a challenge, it’s clear that Michaela’s hard work paid off. She said, “Juggling school and college applications took a lot of discipline, but it was 100% worth it in the end.”

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