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Last month, 48 K12-powered heads of schools from across the country came together at K12’s corporate headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, for the company’s annual National Head of School Leadership Summit.

“The summit brought together our chief school leaders to engage in peer collaboration and leadership development sessions in support of K12 schools across the country,” said Darren Reed, vice president of school services.

Heads of schools also heard from CEO Stuart Udell, who opened the summit with a message about K12’s core values, mission and vision, as well as the importance of heads of schools to the company’s success.

“Stuart also shared organizational priority areas to help school leaders understand where the organization is headed and what we are trying to accomplish,” Darren said.

According to Darren, this summit was important and well-received because it allowed for the fostering of connections and growth in a large network of individuals.

“Given our large network of K12-managed schools, it is vital for school leaders to come together to connect around our common goals and mission to lead successful schools,” Darren said. “The face-to-face summit allows leaders to feel more connected to their peers, to our national teams, and to our collective mission of transforming learning for every child we serve.”

Kendall Schroeder, head of school at Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy, thoroughly enjoyed the themes that were covered at the summit and the lasting lessons that were learned.

“I really think that this leadership summit was one of the best that I’ve been a part of since joining K12,” Kendall said. “One of the themes that stood out to me was that no significant learning takes place without a significant relationship.  Building relationships with our school teams and making connections with other leaders who are doing what we are doing matters.  These connections matter!  If the relationships are strong and trusting within our teams, that will translate to our families and students.  Ultimately, this will make the learning experience that much stronger. We are building a supportive community of learners and leaders.”

Yolanda Hamilton, head of school for Nevada Virtual Academy, echoes the value of the summit.

“The professional development we received was invaluable and I am so happy to work for a company that invests so much in its employees for the benefit of the students served.”


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