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The sound of the whistle blares as the officer issues orders for the group of cadets to follow. The group is made up of 13- to 18-year-old high school students who are part of a unique program, the US Naval Sea Cadets. Trevor Hoenie, a student at Florida Cyber Charter Academy (FLCCA), is a member of this group.

“The most rewarding aspect for me is gaining a purpose,” Trevor said about his involvement with Sea Cadets. Because of his participation he has discovered his purpose in life: to serve his country.

This was not always what Trevor imagined he would be doing. After being distracted by the stressful environment of his brick-and-mortar school, Trevor was unable to focus on his studies. His family enrolled him in online learning at FLCCA, and he is now excelling in his classes again.

Once Trevor was back on track in his classes, he wanted to find a cause that he could devote himself to. That is when he found Sea Cadets. The program offers a unique opportunity for middle and high school students to participate in real-world drills to prepare them for a future career in the US Navy.

With Sea Cadets, Trevor is doing physical exercises, going to active ships, and learning about the mission and purpose of the Navy. In addition, he attends trainings where he can choose which areas he would like to explore. All of this helps him gain hands-on experience for a future military career.

However, Sea Cadets provides Trevor with more than just training; it also gives him friends and a second family. “The friendships that you get in Sea Cadets are long-lasting brother-sister relationships,” Trevor said. “The family you get out of the program is amazing.”

Despite the demands of Sea Cadets, Trevor can participate thanks to online learning. The ability to create his own schedule allows him to balance studying for classes and practicing with the cadets.

“If we go on training trips during school days, I can either bring my laptop with me to do work or do it when I get back,” Trevor said.

Trevor has the support of his family, who is glad to see the work that he is doing with the Sea Cadets. They too believe that online learning is giving him the opportunity to excel in his classes while also improving himself with leadership experience.

Trevor’s mother, Tamren, is especially proud of what Trevor is accomplishing and has dreams for where it will take him. “I hope that Trevor gains a sense of inner strength and the ability to see a difficulty as a challenge and not an obstacle that he cannot overcome,” she said.

Sea Cadets has introduced Trevor to the importance of serving something greater than himself and shown him the real possibility of having a career in the military. Without online learning, Trevor may not have had the opportunity to discover this while still in high school.

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