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Most teenagers play video games. Luke Delicate develops them! It’s all part of his computer programming studies in the IT Career Pathway at Destinations Career Academy of Wisconsin (DCAWI).

“My Dad helped me get started in programming,” Luke said. “He taught me the basics and got me interested. I always thought it would be cool to make my own video game!”

“I started by making games like tic-tac-toe and kind of worked my way up,” Luke said. “I mostly make platformer games and top down games.”

One of the first people to test out Luke’s games was his little brother.

“I must say, I have only beaten him a couple times,” Luke said. “Pretty funny my little brother can play my games better than I can!”

Luke already has a plan to get to where he wants in the computer programming industry.

“My plan is to complete a certification test during this summer break,” Luke said. “Next year, I plan to complete more certification tests. After graduation, I plan to either work part time in the programming industry or maybe as a small application developer.”

Thanks to DCAWI, Luke has a major head-start on his career dreams!


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