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David Crawford (middle) with K12 Executive Chairman Nate Davis (left) and CEO Stuart Udell (right)

David Crawford, a Newark Prep Charter School graduate, last week attended K12’s Annual Shareholders Meeting in Washington D.C. after making his very first stock purchase with K12 Inc.! 

“It was important to me to invest in a company I feel personally connected to,” said the 2016 graduate and Student of the Year.  “Attending the stockholders meeting enabled me to get hands-on experience and an in-depth look at the workings of the company that helped me so much to succeed in life.”   

David attended Newark Prep since the age of 14 and loved the both the education he received and the flexibility online schooling afforded him.  

“I chose K12 because I loved the fact that I would be able to work at my own pace,” David said. 

Newark Prep also helped support David through tough times over the years. He worked two jobs to help his family when his mother was diagnosed with MS.

“Newark prep just helped me realize more that family is important, and everyone at the school is like one big family,” David said. “They would always ask to see how I was doing, how my mom and brother were doing too. They just made sure I was always ok.” 

A highlight of the stockholder meeting was getting to see a familiar face, Executive Chairman Nate Davis. Nate spoke at David’s graduation and announced him as Student of the Year. Speaking with Davis and CEO Stuart Udell at the meeting was a highlight for David, due to their reaction to his stock purchase.  

“They were surprised and didn’t think someone so young would purchase stock,” David said. “But I told them that my mom had always told me to invest and I always wanted to. So when I turned 18 I bought my first stock with K12.”   

After being a part of Newark Prep’s first graduating class, David is now a freshman at Felician University and says the school well prepared him for college.  

“The online education experience empowered me in many ways,” David said. “The world moves quickly. Everything we do now manually will soon be done electronically. I have a tremendous head-start thanks to online school!”


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