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Candy, Shaine, Cayce, and Jace Freeman.

Written by Jenna Needham

Candice Freeman and her husband Shaine knew that they needed alternative school options when their two children were only 3 and 4 years old.

“We moved to an area where the only good options for school were either private school or homeschool. The public schools in our district didn’t work, so I knew I wanted to get them started with something different,” said Candice. “Jace was also a bit advanced for his age, so I wanted to make sure that he could get ahead if he wanted to.”

The Freemans enrolled their children into Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) when they were each in kindergarten. Candice noted the easy transition for the whole family and said she appreciated the rigorous curriculum.

Jace, who is now in fifth grade, has been able to advance to a sixth-grade language arts class this year. When Cayce, who is in fourth grade, had a bit of a hiccup with her schoolwork and needed some extra help, her teachers were eager to help and give her extra practice work so she could improve. Now, she is doing so well that she is likely to advance to sixth-grade language arts next year, just like her big brother! The Freemans believe that GCA has already put their children on the right track for college.

Cayce and Jace love the Class Connect sessions and interacting with their teachers.

Jace reading from his Language Arts text book.

“Both Jace and Cayce are usually the first ones with their hands up to answer a question,” said Candice.

Not only was the online school a great choice for the kids, it helped their parents out too. Candice and Shaine are business owners, so the fact that the kids would have flexible schedules made it easier to run their businesses. They are also both the learning coaches for their children.

This new flexibility also gave the Freeman children the opportunity to discover their passions. Both children are youth ambassadors for Urban Kids Fish, which is an organization that aims to get children more active and out in nature. As ambassadors, Jace and Cayce teach other kids how to fish – from baiting the hook to casting the line. They’ve traveled to Urban Kids Fishing Derbies in Atlanta and Washington, D.C., and they will attend the next one in Los Angeles in November.

Both children also participate in various extracurricular activities. Cayce, who is just 9 years old, runs her own business called Cayce’s Curb Treats, which sells made-to-order gourmet cupcakes and cookies. Jace plays in a basketball league every fall and practices two or three times a week to perfect his skills.

Both of the children understand the importance of education and put it as a top priority, and with GCA and the support of their parents, they have huge future plans: Jace hopes to one day play basketball at the University of North Carolina, and Cayce wants to study business at Georgia Tech. The future looks bright for the Freeman family!

Cayce catching a fish.

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