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authorIt’s National Read Across America Day and congratulations to Aden Polydoros who signed a book deal thanks to the writing skills honed at Insight School of Arizona (ISAZ)!

“My teachers were very encouraging,” Aden said. “One of my English teachers, Jacob Blair, went above and beyond his duties as a teacher and encouraged me to write a novel. He provided excellent advice and helped to perfect my creative skills.”

Entangled Publishing, headquartered in Colorado, purchased Aden’s novel, Project Pandora. Aden describes the book as a “young adult thriller about four teens who become entrenched in a cover-up.”

ISAZ also prepared Aden to excel at college.

“ISAZ helped me learn how to pace myself with my homework assignments,” Aden said. “I also became extremely computer-savvy thanks to online learning!”

Project Pandora will be released in June and Aden is currently working on a sequel!

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