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At the age of five, Jeremy Schwartz’s dad first introduced him to mountain biking. Ever since that defining moment, Jeremy has been going full speed into the adventurous sport.

“Riding and racing have become a passion of mine,” Jeremy said. “The sport offers fun competition while supporting camaraderie between all riders.”

“Each class will give assignments that I can pace throughout the day,” Jeremy said. “This has allowed me the flexibility to work in a training ride between assignments and classes, which proved to be a really great way for me to give focus to my school work and training.”


Even though mountain biking is important to Jeremy, he knows his academics must take priority. “Keeping good grades has always been a priority – and Jeremy has always known that school comes first,” said his mom, Debbie. “He has a great passion for both his learning and his biking.”

Jeremy and his family have received tremendous support from the CAVA teachers and staff. “The one-on-one with his homeroom teacher and counselor has been incredible with the communication,” Debbie said. “We have had many conversations in regards to future college plans so that we can select courses that best suit Jeremy’s field of choice.”

Jeremy frequently travels for his competitions, with races taking place across the U.S. and in Canada, but he never has to miss class since he can take school with him on the road and complete his work anywhere with an internet connection.

The competitive mountain biking season typically occurs from May through September. Jeremy is certainly looking forward to the upcoming season since this will be his first time back after fracturing his C4 and C5 vertebrae along with his ankle in a serious crash.

“Through his hard work and determination, Jeremy was able to stay on track in school finishing out his junior year, and work hard through his physical therapy to get his body strength back,” Debbie said.

In the future, Jeremy hopes to attend college to study mechanical engineering. Ideally, Jeremy wants to one day go into the mountain bike industry to design bikes, and maybe even ride on a bike he designed himself. With the help of CAVA, Jeremy is confident the skills he learned will prepare him for higher education.

“Enrolling in an online school has taught me valuable self-motivation and self-sufficiency, and life skills through its mostly independent approach to learning,” he said.

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