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Twelfth grader Abbey Pierce understands firsthand how bullying truly effects kids’ lives. As a victim of bullying herself, Abbey was targeted by her peers throughout elementary and middle school. But she didn’t let it stop her. Instead, she created the organization Kidz Against Bullying (KAB). As a student at Cyber Academy of South Carolina (CASC), she’s now helping other bullying survivors regain their confidence.

Abbey’s hope is to spread the message that all kids are unique and amazing in their own way. As part of her work with KAB, she passes out t-shirts and bracelets with an anti-bullying message and sets up tables at events to spread her message. Abbey has big dreams of helping kids around the world overcome obstacles that relate to bullying.

“I don’t want any kids to feel like they don’t belong,” she said.

In addition to helping others, Abbey also has the opportunity to develop skills she didn’t learn in her brick-and-mortar school.

She’s become more organized and knows how to create and stick to her own schedule. Most importantly, however, online school has helped her regain confidence and become more outgoing.

Abbey says she knew enrolling in online school was the right decision for her when she went on her first field trip with CASC.

“When we were on that trip we all got along, and I had a really great time,” she said.

Since she’s enrolled in online school, Abbey’s mother, Summer, says she’s seen a big difference in her daughter. Summer sees how much Abbey’s teachers want to help her grow academically. And because of this, Summer has had the opportunity to get to know them and take a more active role in Abbey’s education herself. The support of her teachers also encourages Abbey to develop the strategies that best allow her to learn.

“The staff are kind and have your child’s best interest at heart,” Summer said.

For Abbey, she’s just thankful to have the opportunity to connect with teachers and other students. And her advice for someone who is being bullied is to try not to worry about what others think. Instead, she believes it’s important to focus on being yourself.

“Don’t be what others want you to be,” she said. “If we were all the same, this world would be boring.”


To learn more about Cyber Academy of South Carolina, visit https://casc.k12.com/

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