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Melissa McGuire, a senior at Insight School of Michigan (ISMI), loves to share her experience at ISMI with the world.

“All of my teachers have been extremely helpful since I started at the school in 2015,” explained Melissa. “They check-in in almost every day to make sure I understand what we went over in the class connects and to make sure I was staying on track and navigating through my courses without issue.”

Her switch to ISMI happened after being bullying during her first year of high school at a brick and mortar school.

“A senior started a rumor about me and before I knew it I was shunned by everyone. There were only three people who would even be seen with me and they weren’t even in my grade. It really hurt, because I was already dealing with other problems too,” said Melissa.

The bullying got to the point where Melissa felt that she had to leave her school in Michigan. She went all the way to Florida to escape the torment. She eventually went back to the high school in Michigan after realizing the rumors about her died down, but she never felt comfortable being at the school after being bullied.

Melissa was also hit with another hardship at this point in her life, her father passing away.

“School had just started, but I couldn’t handle it, and sometimes it was just too difficult to deal with the questions from everyone when I did go to school,” said Melissa.

Melissa’s mother heard about K12-powered schools on TV commercials and contacted K12. After providing all of the necessary information, Melissa was enrolled at ISMI and embarked on her personalized learning journey. Little did Melissa know, the change in schools would also provide her with a flexible schedule, useful for the avid traveler.

“I always had to travel around school breaks before. Now I can go anywhere when it’s convenient to me because I can work on school at airports, on the road with portable Wi-Fi, in hotels, and of course at home,” explained Melissa.

“I’ve visited my aunt in New Mexico and went to the Carlsbad Caverns. I’ve visited my sister in New York and took a day on the city. In April, I will be going to Florida for my uncle’s wedding,” Melissa commented.

On top of flexibility, Melissa explained how helpful the teachers and staff at ISMI have been. She loves how the program is easy to navigate and helps her stay on track. She never feels like she can’t talk to other students or ask teachers about classwork. Melissa has also taken advantage of the office hours available to all students. Overall, her experience with ISMI has changed her entire outlook on education.

“Even though I have had some rough experiences, I will not give up on school,” said Melissa. “I will graduate and walk with my diploma in hand. If it weren’t for Insight School of Michigan, I don’t know if that ever would have been possible.”

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