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Lyleanne Baker, a 13-year-old Virginia native and motocross champion, stays on track with the help of Virginia Virtual Academy (VAVA).  After starting her motocross journey around the age of 7, Lyleanne began competing last year and has earned multiple titles, including Virginia and Maryland State Champion in the girls 12-16 age group, as well as Women’s Motocross Nationals Champion in the girls 12-16 and girls 9-13 age groups.

“It’s hard to describe the feeling of being state champion,” Lyleanne said. “It feels pretty amazing to have accomplished one of my goals.”

Thanks to her online schooling with VAVA, Lyleanne has been able to travel and compete in numerous motocross competitions. The flexibility and accessibility of her schooling allows her to succeed in class and on the track.

“One reason online schooling is good for me is that I am able to travel to the places I need to go for my races and still get my school work done,” Lyleanne said.

Lyleanne appreciates many other aspects of VAVA, including the overall curriculum and teachers.

“I personally like a lot of things about VAVA,” Lyleanne said. “It lets you go at your own pace, but you have goals you have to reach at the end of every quarter. Also, the teachers are amazing!”

With her flexible and quality education from VAVA, along with her passion and drive for the sport of motocross, Lyleanne is on a great path to accomplishing her goals for her motocross career.

“I want to make it to Loretta Lynn’s, the biggest amateur race in the world, and place in the top 10,” Lyleanne said. “The biggest goal I have and want to accomplish the most is to pick up a sponsor and have an influence on women’s motocross. I want to inspire women to get out, ride, and race.”

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