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 OHVA Student Lacey Brugler competes in 2014 Disc Golf World Championships

While other students go on vacation or relax with friends this weekend, Lacey Brugler, a 9th grader at Ohio Virtual Academy, will be showing off her impressive disc golf skills at the 10th annual Disc Girls Gone Wild competition June 4th-5th.

With 47 career wins and 5 years of competition experience, Brugler typically competes in the intermediate and advanced disc golf categories. Although this requires her to compete against girls much older than she, Brugler’s diligence and fierce training has made her unstoppable. In fact, she is one of the youngest disc golf champions with paying sponsors, and recently placed in second at the 2015 World Champion Disc Golf Tournament in the “16 and under” category.

Brugler’s disc golf passion has brought her all over the world. Because of this, she often needed to leave school on a Thursday to travel and compete in one of her many successful competitions. When Brugler reached the 6th grade, her father Jeff Brugler finally decided that it was time she found a schooling option to fit her unique traveling needs. Thanks to a friend’s suggestion, Jeff enrolled Lacey in Ohio Virtual Academy.

“I think that was the best thing ever for her,” Jeff remarked. “She can concentrate on the school and on her passion for disc golf.”

Jeff was excited to say that Lacey can be in Ohio one day and in Oklahoma for a competition the next. No matter where Lacey’s disc golf skills take her, she continues to excel in school with the help of her instructors. “I’ve never seen so many teachers that were so wonderful. The teachers are calling on her cell phone to help her one-on-one with a question” Jeff said. After Lacey’s success at OHVA, Jeff has helped other young disc golfers enroll in K12 programs.

Lacey is currently a two-time disc golf world champion for the 2011 and 2014 competitions, and hopes to add an additional world championship win to her title this summer.

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