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For as long as Nicole Grimes can remember, her son, “Baby James,” as his family and friends call him, has had a love for golf.

“When James was two years old he would stand in front of the television watching pro golf and imitate the swings with his plastic clubs,” she said. Now six years old, Baby James is ranked #1 in Louisiana for his age group.

In addition to finding success on the golf course, Baby James is excelling in his schoolwork at Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy (LAVCA), as he finished K12’s kindergarten and first grade curriculum in just one year. Baby James’ parents chose LAVCA for flexibility, but also to be sure that he reaches his full potential. “I did not want him to be distracted in school, so we had to be sure we made the right choice,” his mother said.

Baby James, who is sponsored by Wingate Wilderness Therapy, continues to train five days a week as he prepares for his next tournament on August 4. He will compete against 83 opponents in the 6-and-under age category in the U.S. Kids Junior World Championship in Pinehurst, North Carolina. You can follow Baby James’ Championship results here.

“I feel like a very special and lucky kid,” Baby James said. “I feel like God gave me a very special gift. I am looking very forward to the U.S. Kids World Championship. It’s a dream come true!”

After Worlds, Baby James will compete in a regional tournament in Florida in October. Baby James has aspirations to one day be a PGA golfer. He would also like to be a scientist, inventor and an artist when he grows up.

Keep an eye on this little guy – he is likely un-FORE-gettable.

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