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Kaleb Davis has had a tough time in traditional school for as long as he can remember.

His mother, Chantelle, would be contacted by Kaleb’s teachers to talk about her son’s issues in the classroom setting as early as pre-school. As a student with autism, Kaleb was only ever hoping for a teacher who understood his condition. Chantelle recalls teachers in the brick and mortar setting deeming her son “unteachable” and being put in the back of the classroom.

“In 2nd grade is where it really became a problem. He was in a new school where I thought things would be better, but I started getting phone calls almost every day,” said Chantelle. “A social worker and I tried an Individualized Education Program (IEP) but I continued to receive phone calls. I finally just moved him to a different school that was closer to me so I could go into school when I received these calls.”

For a time when Kaleb finally had the IEP in place, a social worker who he liked, and teachers willing to work with him, things in school were okay.

But when Kaleb got to 4th grade, both his special education teacher and his social worker were moved to different schools. This was extremely hard on Kaleb, who needs a set routine to thrive. He refused to cooperate with the new special education teacher assigned to him and that’s when Chantelle knew she needed a new option.

Chantelle enrolled Kaleb at Highpoint Virtual Academy of Michigan (HVAM).  He quickly found a new favorite teacher, Mrs. Feldotte.

“She makes him feel like he is the most important kid that she works with,” said Chantelle. “I can recall a time we were out during the day and Kaleb said, “Mommy, we really have to wrap this up! I’m supposed to be online with Mrs. Feldotte in 20 minutes!” It tickled me to pieces!”

Now in 5th grade, Kaleb is thriving at HVAM. He’s even advanced from reading at a first grade level to a third grade level with the help of Mrs. Feldotte!

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  1. laquean

    Melts my heart to hear this because my situation is so similiar. Hard to read and type because tears start falling as soon as I seen the pic and read the title. Reminds me of my 8year old daughter and me on the pic. We both wear glasses also so its like I seen us when I looked at the pic and then read the title and just melted. We have a situation that no one understands. Not doctors or the school and only a couple family members who are around but not really no one sees the true story but me. Of course I am mom and I have been in tune with my daughter so much through all and still to come. There was also one resource teacher who my daughter really liked like in the article I read. She had her for 2 years through school until we moved. Through the move the new teachers at the new school were nothing like I had ever experienced and didnt help at all after IEP meetings I inquired on so many times to better her education at school. Medical has always been an issue also though the autism, sensory processing, ODD, OCD, and severe anxiety. Peer relations and the constant bullying from being different than others since Pre-K. A difference would be the school would not call me each day when the episodes happened. And they happened daily. Some days more severe. They handled I guess in a way just to get through the day without calling me but in my opinion she was suffering. I should have been called. Especially if they do not know what to do. Or if it was that severe to where notes after school conferences are daily. Principal and other staff being ugly towards her because her behavior concerns she had and also she was the only african american in the whole school. Using too much force hurting her to move her when she had tantrums and shut downs to whee I went above their head at the school board. It is not fair to her. Things lime that do not only cause physical harm but emotional and mental too. Medical has become more of an issue with current conditions still standing causing too much time away from school or too much interference during school which interferes with a great education. Even sleep concerns since birth and trouble waking up and having positive behavior to prepare and get to school on time have been a role since 1st year of Pre-K and really before school started waking up for morning appointments were a barrier. Very smart and bright girl. What she learns is from what she teaches herself and what she reads. She also reads at a level well above average. What the teacher says is also an important part of learning but for her she learns from reading and teaching herself. Not so much of what is being said by person teaching unless the topic catches her attention and at that time she can focus. With all said I think the best option I have been considering since the 1st year of Pre-K for her when I seen the autism, medical, etc. play a huge role in her getting an appropriate education and with special needs being accomadated appropriately at school, is online schooling. She has also mentioned it to me several times after she heard grandma telling me years ago about this particular program that could be more beneficial to a successful education. As a caring mother I felt it was best to be in an traditional school away from the home setting, to be around other children and everything else. Day by day all gets tougher and the next step will be online schooling to better her education. Our children are the future. The future the world holds. Getting them the best education is one of the great things a loving and concerned parent will do for their child. If we dont stand up for them and help them who will. Especially when its a barrier for them to communicate or stand up for themselves. I am doing my part as a parent but when the schools dont and your child goes through so much it makes you reconsider what is best for them.


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