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Andre Arnold and his sister Mahogany Arnold at his graduation

Written by Jenna Needham

Educational obstacles can make the traditional school setting a hard place to be for some students. A lot of the time, there are alternative school options that can be a better fit for them. One student in particular is Andre Arnold, a young man who lives with both autism, which makes him non-verbal, and type-one diabetes. Andre did not let these obstacles hinder his success as he recently graduated from Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA).

His parents needed an alternative to traditional school. Andre had a few extra needs that were not being met which made it hard for him to receive the education that every student deserves.

“He had a hard time in the brick-and-mortar school. There were things his teachers expected from him that he just couldn’t do, like speaking. They didn’t understand his disability. With GCA, there was more time to meet his needs and he could go at his own pace,” said his mother, Ebony Arnold.

Mrs. Arnold says that GCA gave Andre the flexibility and great education that he needed all from the comfort of his home in Peachtree City, GA. She could easily help him manage his diabetes and be there in case of an emergency. Sometimes the online instructors even contacted her immediately if they noticed that something was wrong with Andre and she would be able to help him as soon as possible.

With help from GCA, Andre was able to graduate on time and walk with the rest of his class. He is the second member of his family to graduate from GCA, with his sister, Mahogany, who graduated in GCA’s first class in 2014!

Ebony Arnold, Andre Arnold, Head of School Matt Arkin, and K12 CEO Stuart Udell

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