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MGLVA Salutatorian Avalon McKinney delivers her graduation address 

The school year has come to a close but Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy (MGLVA) Salutatorian Avalon McKinney has embarked on an exciting new challenge. Avalon is running to be a precinct delegate for the Wayne County Republican Party in Livonia, Michigan. The primary will be held on August 2nd.

Avalon became interested in politics two years ago and MGLVA nurtured her desire to learn more.

“The teachers appreciated everyone’s opinion. We weren’t restricted in saying how we felt politically or religiously,” Avalon said. “This made me more interested in the topics that came up during our studies and pushed me to want to learn more.”

After attending Donald Trump rallies over the past year, Avalon and her mother traveled to Lansing to attend the Michigan Republican Convention in April. It was then Avalon signed up to run for precinct delegate.

In addition to thriving academically and becoming interested in politics, Avalon has taught herself Spanish over the past couple of years and even studied Arabic at Schoolcraft College.

“I could go on about how many incredible opportunities MGLVA afforded me. But the greatest gifts of all were those of time and flexibility to pursue the things I love.”

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