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AZVA graduate Matthew Davidson  

After completing eight weeks of military basic training, 2015 Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) graduate Matthew Davidson is now completing technical training in security forces at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. 

According to Matthew’s mother, Joanie Davidson, Matthew’s decision to join the military was greatly impacted by his time at AZVA. 

“AZVA helped Matthew become disciplined by handling his own school work and scheduling,” Joanie said.  

Joanie also explained that Matthew’s AZVA senior year counselor helped him immensely. Matthew learned valuable information about the military through his counselor, whose husband was active military and often had useful insight. 

“He wouldn’t have changed anything,” Joanie said. 

Matthew enrolled at AZVA in fourth grade after attending private school. Joanie was pleased that Matthew and her eldest son, Joshua, a 2012 AZVA grad, were able to continue sports with their original school even after transferring to AZVA. Matthew played soccer, football, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee. 


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