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Written by Jenna Needham

The Head of School and Principal at The Insight School of Oregon (ISOR-ALT and ISOR-PH) really go the extra mile to support their 600 students! During their two-week winter break, ISOR attempted a new program to help students raise their grades. In a show of solidarity, Head of School, J.D. McMahan, and Principal, Jim Sinnott, promised to dye their beards pink if enough students participated in the program! The result was an incredible 37% of the student body raising their grades a full letter, leading to sparkly pink beards for Mr. McMahan and Mr. Sinnott!

“I am so proud of our Insight kids. We need our students to know that they are not alone over the school breaks. We are still there for them and rooting for their success. I am so impressed by their willingness to raise their grades, especially over a break!” Said Amanda Sinnott, who is part of the ISOR’s Family Academic Support Team, when asked about the success of the Insight School of Oregon’s students.

Building off of their success on winter break, the school tried the same program again for spring break, which is one week long. The result was 28% of students raised their grade by a full letter- – in half the time it took during winter break! This time, as their reward, students had the opportunity to participate in the “onesie unicorn 2.0 dance extravaganza!” This cool social event took place in a class connect session where students were entered into raffles to win onesies, t-shirts, and other prizes.

During both school breaks, teachers allowed students to have access to past assignments that they could complete for course credit if they hadn’t done so already. Not only did the students get a chance to improve their grades, the teachers also went above-and-beyond.

Both the beard-dying and the onesie unicorn dance extravaganza kept ISOR students on the right track to stay motivated and engaged with their online curriculum. Check out the Insight School of Oregon’s YouTube channel to keep up with the school’s other achievements and activities!

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