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“My mission is to help as many kids as possible master mathematics,” says Bharanidharan Rajakumar, LearnBop’s visionary CEO who founded the K12-acquired math curriculum learning software firm in 2014. “We developed a technology that will ensure kids are set up for success in the future so they don’t get left behind.”

As LearnBop for Families launches this week, enabling a new consumer audience to benefit from the revolutionary software, Bharani reflects on his journey to this exciting phase of his career as a digital learning entrepreneur.

“I thought it was pretty profound that potentially you have kids that are taking an entire year to learn a subject they could potentially learn in six months if they had more interaction with a teacher. This was the genesis of LearnBop.”

Regarding the 2014 K12 acquisition, Bharani says what drew him to join forces with K12 was the company’s history as a pioneer in distance learning.

“Since then, LearnBop has shown to be highly-effective in schools. Our clients have been really pleased with the outcomes they have achieved —so there was no reason we couldn’t bring this tool into homes to help more students.”

Students using LearnBop have demonstrated 7-9 points more growth on post-assessments compared to students not using LearnBop.

To support the LearnBop mission to help as many students as possible, LearnBop for Families has partnered with New York’s GO Project. Anytime a parent purchases a LearnBop license, the company will donate a license to a child in need.

Bharani says thanks to his unlikely journey, he can sleep better at night knowing he’s done everything he can to can to find talented people to work with and develop a system that can prepare the next generation with the sound foundation in math they’ll need to succeed.

“People like me who work in technology are keenly aware there is a mismatch between the skills the workforce currently demands, and the education students are actually getting in many cases. I don’t want my kids to grow up ill-equipped. So anything I can do to help, I’m all-in!”

LearnBop has received two prestigious U.S. Distance Learning Association awards, one for “Outstanding Program” and the other, “Outstanding Leadership.” LearnBop is also a finalist for the 2016 EdTech Digest eLearning Solutions Award as well as a finalist for the Association of American Publishers’ prestigious Revere Award. For more information on LearnBop for Families, check out this video.

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